1963 GMC Truck

First, lets remember what a Chevrolet 350 looks like in the engine compartment.

Now, Lets go look at the 351 v6 with the heads removed.

Close-Ups of the engine number.  Notice how much lighter the E is stamped.

Back to the engine, during disassembly.

Storing the heads on shelving.  Strong shelving.

First good look at my workspace.  This was taken at the beginning of the project.  Back when I first realized that there was more wrong with the engine than just a potential flat cam.  By the way, we put a micrometer on the cam and all lobes matched a good cam I have, so it doesn't look like the cam was to blame for the poor performance.  There was a fuel regulator on the fuel line, set to 3.5... fuel pump puts out, stock, 6... I think it was just starved.

Notice how the engine hoist is still attached in all the pictures, even though the engine is on an engine stand.  The stand was only rated at 1000 pounds, and even stripped this far the 351 caused the stand to bend a little from the weight.

Now it is reassembled, and waiting for parts.  The holes were covered to keep water out since we decided to clean and paint the engine.

Enough with the 351 (for now)... on to working on the truck.

Ever feel like working on your truck means becoming -one- with the truck?

How else do you get to the carrier bearing under the cab????

Back to the 351, all painted and pretty...

The LAST look at the 350 in the truck.  Notice the radiator is gone.  I am ready to remove the nose clip and pull the engine.

I pulled off the entire nose.  That is the easiest way I know to get the engines out, makes it simple to get to all the bolts.  I forgot to get pictures of the truck without an engine, and wasn't about to take it back out to take some.


Here are the pictures of the truck with the 351 installed.

And the interior after reinstalling the transmission...


 My workspace. What little there is.
 Emergency Brake parts/troubles.
 Exhaust system. Custom made by me (what a mess)
 List of Parts I have bought for the Truck...
 Original Wheels that were on the 1963 GMC
 Pictures of the 351 v6 and the A/C that -was- on it when I got it