GMC Trucks
My workspace

The reason why the city is always out bothering me about my cars.  It seems no matter what I do, the driveway always ends up looking like this:

from left to right
Wife's Black Aerostar, Our friend BJ's brown Buick.
My 1963 GMC, my friend Luke and his 1975 Black Mustang II Ghia
My 1995 parts Aerostar,
My 1979 Toyota 3/4 ton longbed pickup
My friend Cory's 1974 Mustang II
(in front of the Toyota is my 1963 Chrysler)

Once again, more of the shop.  The 1000 pound engine stand almost doesn't notice the Chevrolet 350 on it.  Hasn't sagged or bent a bit with that engine on there.

Another look at my "shop" area.  Not the prettiest shop around.

I guess the lack of a decent shop is my fault.  Right after we bought the house I turned 1/2 the garage into a drafting office for my business, and we used the other side for storage.  Last year we turned the other half into a sewing room/business area for my wife.  So while I have a nice house with a nice 2-car garage, I can't use the garage because I converted it into business space.