1963 GMC Truck
Emergency Brake

The insanity that calls itself the emergency brake!

Parts 19 & 20 were gone, parts 6 & 7 were gone, and part 8 was put in through the upper holes facing down (which is why it was still there).  Springs 15 are very different lengths (damaged) there was an additional spacer between part 9 and the metal ear it goes up against and NOTHING was adjusted properly.  I had to create parts for this.  The second picture is identical to what the truck has, the first was only reference for parts 18-20 since they weren't shown clearly in the other picture.  Reminds me, I still have to file a groove in the head of the bolt (part 19) for a new lock wire (part 20).

Well, I cut a groove in the head of the bolt, and thus finished the emergency brake setup for now.  Later I will have to get the brake band replaced, but that was not in the budget at this time  ($60-80)

I printed out the pictures and instructions from the manuals for reference while I was working on the brake setup.  Keeps the manual cleaner.