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My Business, a drafting/design company Oregon Enterprises UnLimited
Custom Embroidery, Tailoring: Falcon's Finery
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I Call them projects, toys, "fine examples of Detroit Steel"

These are for Sale: Cars & Trucks For Sale
These are Mine :  *My* Toys
Road trips  to get the TOYS!!

     Apache Travel Trailer, Fayette Axle Information

Bored Yet?  Here are some Vacation Pictures:

Camping Page
August 2000 Camping Trip
Oregon Coast Aquarium, 26 Aug 2000
Gleneden Beach Trip, Nov. 2000
August 2001 Camping Trip
Eagle Crest Resort  Oct 30 - Nov 4, 2001
August 2002 Camping Trip
Eagle Ridge trip, Christmas 2002

The insanity I call "Home"   The House, The People, The Pets

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