Farmall Cub

Coil Installation InstructionsCoil Installation Instructions
The instructions that came with the new coil.  Unfortunately the new coil does not resemble the original coil at all.  But since I am not actually restoring this tractor at this time, I am just repairing it for further use, I am not concerned with originality as much.
Universal Spark Plug Wire set
Instructions for the Universal Spark Plug Wire set.  Once again, not an original looking item, more functional.  The wires that were on the tractor were mis-matched.  It looked like wires from at least 3 different sets had been used, as there were 3 different styles of wires.  Probably just what was available at the time for a previous owner.
6volt Positive Ground Regulator Instructions, page 16volt Positive Ground Regulator Instructions, page 26volt Positive Ground Regulator Instructions, page 36volt Positive Ground Regulator Instructions, page 4
Surprisingly enough, what should pass for a match for the original regulator is still available.  At least it mounts in the original regulator's location and uses the original holes.  This replaces a Borg-Warner regulator that was incorrect for this tractor.  Also, this is a Positive ground regulator so it is correct for the tractor.  The regulator also came with some small paper tags, to mark / identify the wires while you are replacing the regulator.  I didn't use them, but this is what they look like:
6volt Positive Ground Regulator Wiring Tags

carburetor overhaul package for IH 3/4 inch updraft carb, page 1carburetor overhaul package for IH 3/4 inch updraft carb, page 2
The carburetor on this tractor has leaked for as long as my sister owned it.  I figured while I was replacing or repairing everything else, I might as well rebuild the carburetor.  Very straight forward instructions, and a very complete kit.  There are so many parts and kits still available from International Harvester / Case for this tractor.
Wiring diagram for Cub & Cub Cadet tractors.
The service manual cost me around $32.00 but it has proved its worth with the wiring diagram alone.  Helped me to troubleshoot the wiring and make sure I had all connections where they belong.  Surprisingly enough, my tractor's wiring is still very close to the correct color code (even after all these years in the sun and fading away).

I recently (July 18th, 2001) got this tractor from my sister.  She was planning on giving it to whoever wanted it... and I was the first person who was interested.  It had sat for about 3 years, but prior to that it was used to mow the grass on her 5 acres.  It has a Cub-22 sickle bar mower attachment, a grader blade attachment and another mower (incomplete, not enough parts to even attempt to use it).  After sitting for 3 years, 3 tires were flat, the points were bad, the plug wires were in sad shape, the internal components of the regulator were corroded, there was "varnish" in the fuel tank and 3 exhaust valves were sticking open.

The biggest challenge so far, was getting past the fact that at some time in its life, someone decided it was supposed to be a Negative ground system.  Which while it works, it is not correct and makes getting replacement parts difficult because you can't just use whats in the book.  I have switched things around and went back to the Positive ground system.

1950 Farmall Cub Attachment for the grader blade
This tractor is not restored. Obviously.  It does run well though, I got it running and used it to level the ground for 3 "Instant Garages".  So far I have replaced the head gasket (I had to remove the head as 3 exhaust valves were stuck open), regulator, coil, fuel filter, spark plugs, plug wires and the points.  I also rebuilt the carburator.  I removed the Cub 22 mower and installed the grader blade, as I only have 1.5 acres I really don't need this tractor for mowing... I have a Craftsman lawn tractor for that.  Some previous owner decided it needed the roll cage.  The cage is made out of 2" steel tubing.  It is bolted on at the steering box and as you can see in the attachment picture, there are threaded "U" bolts holding it on ar the rear.  There is a heavy cable fastened on the rear and wound around the roll cage, presumably this was for towing pr pulling things, as soon as I get a drawbar for this tractor I will remove the cable.  I am also guessing that at some time the PTO pulley had problems as it has been welded to the PTO shaft.  You might also notice that there is no muffler... this tractor really runs pretty quiet.  I may get a muffler for it someday.  This tractor has the hydralic system, the adjustable front axle and its wheel weights.

There are a few pictures of the weather heads on the intake and exhaust on this page: Tractor, Page 2

(note: the background is a picture of a tractor I found on the internet).

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