There and back again

You know, when parked next to the "big rigs", my truck looks pretty small...

Well, here is the "purpose" of my recent road trip.  Went to pick up 2 boats a friend had bid on on eBay and had won.  Since the truck was needed, and he offered to help pay for parts, we got it fixed and took it on a 1200 mile "maiden voyage".  Also took 2 boxes of tools and spare parts, 2-5 gallon gas cans, cooler... etc.  Made the entire trip in 31 hours, only had a little problem with overheating.  The Chevrolet 350 was working too hard.  Maybe if it still had the GMC 305 it wouldn't have had to work as much.  Or if they had changed the gearing when they changed the engine!

Sad story... My '61 here "blew up" the day after we returned.  Had to haul a couch for a friend and didn't make it.  Started knocking about a mile down the road from the house, decided to turn around and head home when the knocking stopped... and a blue cloud appeared behind me.  Looking it over, there is a hole the size of a quarter in the oil pan.  Tried running it today and it makes a lot of racket and vibrates like crazy.  Dang, get one truck running so another can break down.

My own personal "Tower of Power"

At least I know it can haul the other trucks!!