Best Chairs?

    Customer Service. A term which implies some form of service would be extended to
its customers. However, it appears that for Best Chairs, customer service means
belligerence and indifference to its customers.
    I purchased one of their chairs through a local furniture store. Upon getting it home I
discovered that the power supply/adapter for the heat and massage unit was not with the
chair. I talked with the sales staff at the store, and over the period of a week they tried to
locate, within their chain of stores, a power supply for this chair, with no luck. Then while
I was in the store they contacted the manufacturer, and after some difficulties with the
manufacturer's customer service department, the salesperson requested to talk to the
supervisor. After talking with the supervisor, a power supply was ordered. It was to be sent
to me at my address, and I should receive it within 5 to 7 days. I did not receive it, I waited
11 days before returning to the store and requesting the customer service number of the
manufacturer so I could find out if it had been sent, and if so, how much longer.
    I spoke with 3 customer service representatives, only one was willing to look into my
questions, and then only after I demanded to speak with a supervisor.
    The first representative of the company listened to what I had to say, told me it takes a
while to ship things out west, said they would check on it (without my name?) And transferred
me to another representative.
    The second representative told me I wasn't their customer, while I do have one of their
chairs, the store I purchased it from was the customer. I was told that all dealings had to be
through the store (I had already been dealing with the store, and because of the run around the
store was getting, they too had to talk to a supervisor to get anything done. And it was the store
which had given me the manufacturers phone number for further inquiries) also I was informed
that it could take over a week just for them to process the order for the power supply and then
another week or more before the store would receive it. I kept being told that it takes time, that
they are back east and it takes a while for things to get to the west coast (obviously they haven't
heard of airplanes?). She was quite rude, and kept insisting that she could not help me as I was
not a customer.
    The third representative I talked to, the first thing I asked was if she was a supervisor.
She said "No" and asked what I needed a supervisor for. I told her I was displeased with the
customer service I was receiving, or rather the lack of customer service. I ended up telling her
what I was after, she asked my name and the ID number for the chair. She checked the records
and found no order for the furniture store. I told her it was supposed to be shipped to me, she
asked for my name again, and my address, then went and checked again. She came back and told
me it had been shipped, but it takes a while for these things to get out to the west coast. She also
told me that if I had any further problems, to go through the store and let the store call them.
    I think that after this, all I can say is I will never knowingly buy another chair
manufactured by Best Chairs, Inc. With their rude and arrogant attitude, I do not think I would
ever want to support their company by purchasing their products.

    (Final note: The power supply arrived about 1.5 hours after the last phone call, while I
was typing this up. All the first person had to do was get my information, look, and let me know
it had been shipped and when I could expect it. The entire attitude and run-around was totally