Road Trip


I owned 2 Apache pop up trailers.  I have owned one for a few years, the other I aquired in 2002.  I saw a reference to an advertisement for 2 more Apache trailers, for free, close by.   I liked what I saw in pictures, so I said I wanted them.  While not perfect, the price was right and at least one is almost useable as is.  Almost.  So, On February 8th, we headed up to the Sea-Tac area to pick up these trailers.  Here are the pictures of the trailers as we loaded them for the trip home.

Watching me tie it down Still watching me... Still fastening it down Looks like we got it strapped down loaded up, strapped down Pat & BJ... Think it will stay on? BJ trying to get out of the picture.  After helping hook up the trailer Pulling out of the warehouse pulling out of the warehouse hooked up to the Aerostar

Originally we planned to load and pull with the GMC Carhauler, but after hooking up and getting it on solid ground we noticed that the trailer tongue was too high and could be unsafe.  So we changed plans and towed it home behind the Aerostar.  Both vehicles were equipped with CB radios, we usually run on channel 16.  We also had 2 walkie talkies, just in case.  A total of 4 people went on this adventure, Me (David), Michelle, Pat & BJ.